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Suzanne is a Doncaster based instructor who has over thirty years of experience with horses, and started her education with troubled horses by riding ponies that no-one else would ride. She was able to spend time around a semi wild herd of Shetlands and Welsh ponies to see how they interacted together, and learnt how to get them to come to her. Her love for riding bareback with just a headcollar and a lead rope gave her what instructors have told her is tremendous feel for the horses she works with. Working like this with basic equipment has meant that she has learnt to work horses naturally without the use of gadgets. Suzanne doesn’t use round pens either, preferring to work in the school or field to give the horse plenty of room to work and think without feeling trapped.

Riding this way taught her how to sit and stay on her first pony that bucked, was scared of water, hated donkeys, wouldn’t jump a fence if he’d seen it put higher, and would refuse to be caught. His challenges were interesting and solving them was fun. In the end he became the perfect pony.

When Suzanne met a partbred Arabian mare, that was difficult to catch, her love for the Arabian breed was sparked. Later she went on to start Sunean Arabians with the yearling colt, Dearnebank’s Odin, who became her horse of a lifetime. Along with her partner at the time she bred and produced pure and partbreds that competed and won at top level. Odin was never out of the rosettes in the ridden ring, but also show jumped, did dressage, endurance, cross country and taught novices of all ages. All the stud’s youngsters went on to do show jumping or endurance after a successful in-hand career. Very sadly the stud was wound down due to illness and family issues. Even more sadly, Suzanne lost Odin at the beginning of 2010.

Suzanne has retrained ex race horses for the show ring and show jumping, changed the direction of horses who have become sickened by being over competed, produced horses for other people in the show rings crossing a wide range of breeds, and dealt with all sorts of problems, the ’problem loader’ being top of the list having trained numerous and never having a call back. She has also run her own mobile saddlery and has an online store with this site. Suzanne holds numerous equestrian qualifications and is also a show judge.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact Suzanne, who is happy to talk to you. However, Suzanne can not diagnose problems over the phone without having seen the horse first.
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